IVP 2022/23 Sneakers Watch

Written by Evans Ong

The IVP 2022-23 season is nearing a close, we witnessed many highlights and hard-fought battles between the schools. Of course, knowing that there is a large focus on “Kicks” nowadays, we cannot forget about the different basketball shoes sighted throughout this competition. 

58 different models of shoes were sighted in this competition so far and if we look at what brands were the most popular, it should come as no surprise that it is Nike. Nike Basketball is well represented in the IVP 2022-23 season with 61% of the players wearing Nike basketball shoes and the next closest would be Jordan Brand with 11%which technically is still Nike as well. After that, Under Armour and Li Ning are third with 7%.

Now let’s zoom in to the top shoes that were worn by the different players. It should once again be expected that the models with the most sightings are all from Nike. 

In Women’s basketball, 33 different models of basketball sneakers were sighted and there’s actually a three-way tie between these models with 5 sightings each:

1A. Nike Kyrie Low 5 (Worn by Crystal Yeow  #2, SIM)

1B. Nike Kyrie 7 (Worn by Isbel Lee, #7, NP)

1C. Nike Kyrie 6 (Worn by Nicole Tung, #4, NUS)

In Men’s basketball, 43 different models of basketball sneakers were sighted with one clear winner with 5 sightings and a three-way tie for second with 4 sightings each:

1. Nike KD 15 (Worn by Branson Tan, #14 and Jaysen Peh, #8, NP)

2A. Nike Kyrie Infinity (Worn by Jovi Lim, #10, NUS)

2B. Nike Kyrie Low 4 (Worn by Lau Ka Shing, #2, SIM)

2C. Nike G.T. Cut 2 (Worn by Teo Yung Juen, #35, RP)

Of course, we will also crown our Sneakers Kings and Queens which are the teams with the most diversity of basketball sneakers! 

For Men’s Basketball, the Sneakers Kings are the…

ITE Men’s Team with 12 different models spotted throughout the competition

For Women’s Basketball, the Sneakers Queens are the…

RP Women’s Team with 12 different models spotted throughout the competition as well! 

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