Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

First Opinion:

It seemed like just yesterday that we had Kyrie Irving release his first signature shoe and now the Kyrie is at his 6th shoe already. That’s not even including his Kyrie FlyTrap and Kyrie Low lines. That said, the Nike Kyrie 6 just doesn’t really turn heads if I were to compare to its predecessor, the Nike Kyrie 5.

The Nike Kyrie 6 does have a nice Heel area which I like but it does seem like the Kyrie line has found a standard look right? The strap is here to stay it seems, the clear split between the materials of the heel and midfoot forward, the curvy outsole that wraps up the sides of the shoe. The cushioning is now Zoom Turbo which leaves a lot to be seen and the traction like usual should be beastly.

Significant Tech Present in the Shoe:

  • Variable Multi-Material Upper
  • Midfoot Strap
  • External Heel Counter
  • Forefoot Zoom Turbo

Materials & Aesthetics (9/10):

Materials on the Nike Kyrie 6 is just about what you would expect, a mixture of various synthetic materials pieced together with different colourways featuring a different mixture. From midfoot forward, Textile was used and for the heel area, it was either Leather or Patent Leather.

Instead of the interesting strap found on the Kyrie 5 that I loved, the strap on the Kyrie 6 was more traditional but I have to say, the most outstanding detail of the shoe has to be that Heel Counter. This shoe is more suited for On-Court use and no so much for the streets although some wacky colourways will dare you to try.

In the NBA, Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) himself, teammate Caris LeVert, DeAaron Fox (Sacramento Kings) and Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies) are just some of the notable players wearing the shoe.

Fit (9/10):

The Nike Kyrie 6 fits true to size overall but I would say that it is on the snug side. If you are looking for a lot of wriggle room for your toes… you’re not going to find them here. Wide footers will definitely have to go up at least half a size in my opinion. That said, to be safe, it would be better to try them out in stores before your purchase!

Lockdown on the Kyrie 6 was something I felt was really good, above average for sure. For those who are familiar with Jordan sneakers around the 2012 to 2015 range, you will find something familiar on the Nike Kyrie 6. The lacing system at the midfoot of the Kyrie 6 features loops that go down to the base of the shoe, kind of like the Jordan FlightWeb of the past!

To add on to that, the shoe structure is also quite rigid and together with Midfoot Strap and External Heel Counter, the shoe really holds your foot in place and no slippages within the shoe.

Support (9.5/10):

Honestly, you always hear that “the main support comes from the lockdown and fit of the shoe” from all the reviewers but with the Nike Kyrie 6, it absolutely was the case. The rounded shoe base might make people worry about the stability the shoe but the structure and lockdown alone were enough for me to rid the fear from myself.

Not only that, there are other features of the shoe that helped with the support as well. The Zoom Turbo and Phylon cushioning setup gave the shoe a very good heel-to-toe transition and with that good transition, you won’t feel hindered by the shoe even when the structure is a little on the rigid side.

There is also a TPU piece at the forefoot to give more support at the forefoot and reduce the chances of you rolling your ankle. All these go in together to give the Kyrie 6 an awesome support.

Cushioning (9/10):

Since the Nike Kyrie 5 review, you already know not everyone is a fan of Nike’s Zoom Turbo. With the groves added to the Zoom Unit, it feels that the full bounce-back feel that Zoom is supposed to bring is kind of held back. In the Kyrie 5 previously, what held the Zoom Turbo back was the compound used in the midsole which was too stiff and you just wouldn’t be able to feel the Zoom much at all.

However, the Phylon used this time, in the Nike Kyrie 6, is so much plusher than on the Kyrie 5. This allows you to feel more of the Zoom Cushioning while still retaining the impact protection that you will need. Not only that, court feel was also really great.

Like I mentioned in the support section, on top of the impact protection and comfort, the blend of the Phylon and the Zoom Turbo also helped provide a smooth Heel-to-Toe transition.

Traction (9.5/10):

Traction on the Nike Kyrie 6 is Storytelling traction as usual but the traction pattern is mostly made of “blades”. The traction does wrap up the sides of the shoe a little and the round outsole also ensures that even when you’re changing directions, the coverage is perfect all around.

The traction pattern grips the floor really well, and I experienced little-to-no slippages whatsoever. As usual, with the Nike Kyrie Line and the Jordan CP3 line, you already know that the traction is going to be near flawless.

The only thing I can nitpick about is that the groves are thin and pliable so I would not recommend them for outdoor use


Final Conclusion: (9.2/10) 

Overall, the Nike Kyrie 6 is definitely a shoe that I was really happy to test. It’s an above average performer although I did have my doubts just from my first impressions. Some might find the shoe a little chunky but trust me, once you put it on, you won’t feel that at all. The cushioning, the structure and the traction of the shoe are all pretty amazing so it is quite an impressive follow up to the Nike Kyrie 5 and a great addition to the Nike Kyrie Signature line.

credit: bballequips