[REGISTER NOW] Pink Warriors 3×3 Competition

Come one, come all for the first-ever Jumpshot’s event in 2023. In conjunction with International Women’s Month, we have the Pink Warriors 3×3 competition which is open for both girls and boys! Happening this Mar 11-12, come join us for a whole day full of basketball fun.

Categories are classified to U16, U20, U23, and OPEN; both for Men’s and Women’s categories. We have amazing prizes worth $800 lined up for the winners so make sure you bring your A-game to snag ’em. Not only that, we also have food vouchers from Kingdom Food Group when you sign up! Doesn’t matter if you play for fun or are super good at it, everyone is invited to join with their teammates.

TLDR for yall ⬇️

  • Date: Mar 11-12
  • Time: 0800 to 2000
  • Venue: Sports Hub Hard Courts
  • Registration Fee: $80 per team
  • Link for Team Registration: https://bit.ly/PinkWarriors3x3  (closing on Mar 7, 2359)
  • Players are also required to create an account at play.fiba3x3.com for individual FIBA World Ranking Points collection purposes.

In Partnership with Kallang Alive Sport Management Co. Pte Ltd.
Proudly sponsored by NBA 2K, Madame Tussauds Singapore, Koli, Uncle Saba’s, and Kingdom Food Group

About Jumpshot Singapore The only dedicated basketball media in Singapore striving to highlight local basketball talents to the international stage. Holding on to the motto #TrueToYourself, we would like to inspire all basketball enthusiasts to pursue your dreams. Was the first ever organiser to bring FIBA 3×3 Asia Tour in Singapore back in 2012 and the winners went to Vladivostok, Russia for a world tour challenge.

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Pink Warriors 3×3 Basketball Competition
Rules & Regulations

A. Event Background

Pink Warriors 3×3 Basketball Competition is a FIBA endorsed event in Singapore. Pink Warriors 3×3 (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) is organised by Jumpshot Singapore in partnership with Kallang Alive Sport Management Co Pte. Ltd. (collectively referred to as the “the Organisers” with its respective parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliated parties). 

The Pink Warriors 3×3 basketball competition is newly introduced and open for public sign-up for the first time.

The total tournament prize value this year is nearly $8,000. For more information on Event schedules and format, please refer to Annex I.

B. Eligibility

1. Each player is allowed to register in only ONE Team of total 4 players. 

2. Players must create an account on play.fiba3x3.com. Only registered players with FIBA account are allowed to participate.

3. There are no restrictions on the Nationality, anyone with a valid entry visa to Singapore can form a team to participate.

4. Eligibility for each category is based on the birth month and NOT the birth year (Example: individuals born in April 2002 will be able to compete in the U20 category).

5. The Organisers will not be responsible or in any way liable in the event of any dispute arising between the player(s) and / or any organisations.

6. Participants must be physically fit and are not suffering from any chronic or infectious diseases that may endanger other participants.

7. Any Organiser reserves the right to repudiate the registration of any team or player(s) at its discretion.

8. On entering the Event, participants must agree and accept all rules, procedures, and terms (collectively or separately referred to as “the Rules”). The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any players or teams for infractions of tournament rules and policies.

9. In the event of any question or matter arising player(s) eligibility, which is not expressly provided for in any of the rules governing this tournament, the decision made by the Organisers will be final.

C. Composition of Teams

1. Each category is open to thirty-two (32) teams’ participation, with only one (1) champion team position.

2. The team will comprise of a maximum of four (4), minimum of three (3) players with only three (3) allowed on the court. No coaching is allowed at during the competition. Every player must have available, for each game, their original photo identification document to verify their age.

3. Each team must assign a Team Captain or Team Liaison who will be the main contact point with the Organisers on all competition related matters. It is the teams / players’ own duty to be familiar with the Rules & Regulations governing this tournament.

D. Registration Requirements

1. Registration information on the Event is available on Jumpshot Singapore official website. Registration opens from Feb 20 to Mar 5; Participation of thirty-two (32) teams for each category is in accordance with “First come first” registration sequence. Selected thirty-two (32) teams for the Tournament will be announced on the website.

2. The team’s name shall comply with principle of public order and good custom, shall not contain slander, discrimination, or infringement of interests of any third party, and shall not be randomly changed. In addition, the team name shall not be identical with or similar to the name, trademark, trade name and product name of any well-known enterprise (expect for legally authorised names or self-owned trademarks). For any team name deemed as inappropriate by an Organiser, teams shall make immediate alteration.

3. All players’ names in each team must be provided upon registration. No substitution, de-registration or inclusion of players will be allowed after the closing date of registration unless approved by the Organisers.

4. It is the sole responsibility of Team Captain or Team Liaison of ensuring that their players are only registered in ONE team and their team members do not consist of professional or retired players. Submission of ineligible players may render the team to be disqualified from the tournament.

5. Any foreign player in the team must be a holder of valid passport with appropriate entry visa issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. The information of the foreign players’ passport, visa and latest entry date should be provided during registration.

6. Each participant is required to have his/her own insurance (health and accidental). The Organisers and all its respective appointed vendors, agents and employees will not be liable for any injury, accidents, or mishaps throughout the duration of the Event.

E. Tournament Precautionary Terms

1. The Organisers, at their discretion, reserve the right to determine the date, time, and venue of the fixtures for the tournament. All teams shall abide by Organisers’ arrangements, and teams shall not raise objections regarding the arrangements. Teams will concede a walkover, if they fail to turn up twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled warmup time.

2. It is mandatory for teams to prepare two (2) sets of numbered jerseys: dark and light (white only). Teams must wear identical colored shorts and tops. Light top and dark shorts are allowed.

3. If for any reason the any team is unable or voluntarily give up their rights to participate the next round, the Organisers reserve the right to substitute the team with another team based on its ranking in competition.

4. The Organiser reserve the right to impose punishment or disqualification including but not limited to revoking all team players from participating any Jumpshot Singapore events, as it deems fit.

5. No substitution is allowed for the team, in the event of one of the team’s player is disqualified.

F. Rights Exemption

1. On entering the competition, participants agree to irrevocably and perpetually grant each Organiser and its respective designated parties the right to use all the personal information and all other materials provided or generated by participants in connection with the Event in an unconditional and free manner, including but not limited to participants’ name, stage name, portrait, photos taken on site, videos, interview records, comments and remarks on the Event, team names, marks, team logos (hereinafter referred to as “Materials”)

2. The usage of Materials includes but is not limited to copying, editing, encoding, storage, recording, distribution, rental, exhibition, screening, performance, broadcast, online dissemination, filming, adaptation, translation, compilation and modification. Each Organiser reserves the right to delete the Materials during or after the Event and is not responsible for returning them in any form.

G. Conflicts of Rights

1. Teams/participants are not allowed to arrange/ enter into any commercial endorsement agreement with any brands or participate in any brand endorsement activities during the Event without prior written consent from the Organisers. Failure to do so may result in a team’s disqualification and the Organisers are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused thereby.

H. Supplementary Rules

1. If any of the Event is cancelled or postponed due to rule or order from government or judicial authority whether valid or not or any other caused beyond the reasonable control of any Organiser, the Organisers shall notify the teams / participants accordingly of such postponement or cancellation (as the case may be).

2. The Rules and Regulations as depicted are current at the time of printing. The Organisers reserve the right to add, delete and /or amend the said Rules and Regulations at any time as it deems fit. The Organisers reserves the right of final interpretation on all the rules, procedures, and annexes.

3. No refunds or transfers will be made once payment has been collected or registration has been confirmed. Unless otherwise stated in these Rules & Regulations or by the Organisers, no compensation will be made under any circumstances, including inclement weather or failure to show up for the Event.

I. Declaration and Guarantee

All teams, participants and team staffs hereby abide by the terms and commit as follows:
1. I shall fully comply with the Rules and Regulations during my participation in the Event.

2. I hereby declare all registered information are accurate and complete. I am able to present my identification to the Organisers prior to the Event for verification purposes. I understand providing false, misleading or inaccurate information of my team and myself may be disqualified from the competition.

3. I hereby declare I am in fit condition to participate the Event.

4. I shall not breach any Rules and Regulations under law application and no infringement of third-party rights.

5. I hereby declare that I am aware of all potential risks of the Event, including the risk of causing bodily injuries, voluntarily participate in the Event, and agree to assume such potential risks.

6. I agree to sign Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement of Participants prior to the event (Annex II, herein after referred to as the “Release and Waiver”, which will be signed during team on-site check in) and deliver the signed Release and Waiver to the Organisers.

7. I will assume the responsibilities of all risks arising from participation in the Event. I will not hold any of the Organisers liable for any loss, damage or cost arising from participation in the Event.

Annex I. Event Schedules and Format


1. Tournament Type: A 3X3 basketball competition
2. Number of Teams: Maximum 32 teams per category
3. Tournament Format: Round robin, teams draw lots to determine their seeding and put into the brackets, refer to bracket below.
Group Round Robin – 8 teams advance to Quarter Finals
Quarter Finals – 4 teams advance to Semi-Finals

At the end of each game, Team Captains from both teams shall review and sign the official scoresheet as verification that the game score and winning team are accurate. Failure to complete this process immediately upon conclusion of the game will be considered an acknowledgment that the score and winning team have been accurately recorded. Once the game results are established, the recorded information is not subject to change unless approved in writing by a designated tournament official.

4. Game Rules
i. Games are played in 10-minute quarters net time. The game clock will not stop during dead ball situations and free throw.
ii. ONLY three (3) players are eligible to play on court each time.
iii. Timeouts – There will be no timeouts throughout the games.
iv. Tiebreaker Rule – an overtime shall be played. The first team to score 2 points in the overtime wins the game.
v. FIBA 3×3 Rules of the Game will be implemented.

5. Games Schedules
The schedule will be sent via email to all team captains two days prior to the event (Mar 9) and schedule can be found here: https://bit.ly/pinkwarriors3x3schedule