TOP 5: IVP 2022/23 Finals Sneakers Watch

Written by Evans Ong

The IVP 2022/23 has come to an end and NTU emerged victorious with a clean sweep of both the Mens and Womens Basketball. We congratulate NTU for their achievement and would also give props to all the other schools that have made it so far. 

In this installment of Sneakers Watch, we look into the Basketball Sneakers seen throughout the Final Brackets of the IVP 2022/2023:





There were a large variety of shoes being worn in these 4 games and the diversity of shoes are all pretty comparable on each team. That said, let’s take a look at the top 5 most eye-catching shoes that were seen in these games: 

5. Puma Clyde All Pro (Worn by Wang Yuhang, #12, NUS)

The Puma Clyde All-Pro is not a new sneaker at all, but what puts it in the Top 5 are three things: First, this is a really underrated model that drew comparison to several Nike Kobe models performance wise. Second, this colourway is a Porsche collaboration and who doesn’t like a sleek shoe with colours that complements a sports car? Lastly, isn’t it refreshing to see players in Singapore giving non-major brands a shot? 

4. Nike Kyrie Low 5 (Worn by Crystal Yeow, #2, SIM and Jessie Nar, #7, RP)

Of course, we have to give some credit to one of the most popular shoes within the IVP 2022/23 season, the Nike Kyrie Low 5. As covered in the previous Sneaker Watch, Kyrie’s sneakers are well represented in the IVP games so it’s no different here! However, it’s interesting to note that Nike has officially parted ways with Kyrie, so I can’t wait to see what players will be wearing in perhaps next year’s games. Which brand or model will take Kyrie’s place?

3. LiNing Speed 8 Premium (Worn by Tan Cheng Shan, #8, NTU)

At number 3, we have another rare sighting of a non-major brand. LiNing is also a China-based brand that has been around for many years with its most popular signings being Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler. The LiNing Speed 8 Premium is seen here in this bold colourway that somehow fits in so well with the NTU jersey. In a world where brands matter a whole lot, it’s hard to find a non-major brand shoe standing out amongst the Nikes, Nikes, and Nikes…

2. Under Armour Curry 10 (Worn by Lydia Ang, #0, SIM and Valarie Lim, #5, SIT)

Under Armour has two signature basketball athletes but the most prominent one would definitely be Stephen Curry. He revolutionized the game and made everyone into shooters that pull up from deep on a fastbreak. Hence, it is not surprising to spot these Curry 10s in the IVP Games. Shoes that look really good and play really well. 

1. Nike Kobe 4 Protro (Worn by Adam Tan, #1, RP)

Nike’s Kobe signature line used to be the most popular line by Nike and the desire to own Kobes only increased after his passing. Surprisingly though, Kobes were rarely seen throughout the IVP 2022/23. Although these Kobe 4s are protros (Performance Enhanced Retros) and not the original ones released in 2008, they definitely still give off throwback vibes and look really good on court. 

So here are the Top 5 Sneakers of the IVP 2022/23 final games. Agree or disagree with anything on the list? Share your thoughts with us! And also, stay tuned to Sneakers Watch!